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Eviction Service Procedures BROWARD COUNTY   (Non Contested)


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Having Tenant Problems? There is no need to worry any longer! We understand how frustrating and time consuming tenant situations can be. We offer affordable, fast and efficient eviction solutions for your benefit. Here are the steps, fees, and length of time for an Eviction procedure:

Step #1 - Initial Notice to Tenant:

                $ 50 - Help prepare the preliminary 3, 7 or 15 day notice to tenant.

                 $ 50 - Delivery of  Notice (up to 10 Miles Distance)/$20 extra 10 mi.
                           Delivery charges apply from our office location.

                           $100- Grand Total

Step #2 - 5 Day Summons:
(Time-frame: +/- 2 Weeks)

                $99 - Help Prepare / Submit Summons Package (Commercial $149)
                $99 - Process / Serve Package
                $195 - (Money Order / Cashier's Check) Payable to: Clerk of the Court

                $393 -Grand Total

Step #3 - Default Package:
(Time-frame: +/- 3 Weeks)

                $99 - Help Prepare Default Package (Commercial $149)
                $90 - (Money Order / Cashier's Check) Payable to: Sheriff of Broward County

                $189 - Grand Total

                *Additional Charges:

                $50 - Deliver Default Package to the Court

*Property Owner will Submit Default Package to the Court along with a $90 (Money Order / Cashier's Check) Payable to: Sheriff of Broward County. Once Default Package is Signed by the Judge and Writt Sent to the Sheriff, you can call the Sheriff, 954-831-6565 (with your case number), to obtain your Case Status. When calling, please state yourself as the "Plaintiff."